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To us Paranormal Investigation is done as a hobby and study. It is more about exploring the unknown and unexplained.











Is it real? Or just a myth? That's what we want to find out. 

For years our team, Lenny, Elaine, Robi, Beatriz, and I (Rick), like many people on this planet, have asked these questions: Who am I?  What is life all about?   What happens when we die? Do some people stay around in “ghost” form for one reason or another? Since we started this investigation team, we are hearing more and more stories from people. Almost everyone has one. In fact over 23% of Americans believe they have seen a ghost. That's around 150 million people, not just a small hand full and that's only in the US.

As a paranormal investigation team, we offer, through modern technology and good investigative skills, a service for people who want help finding out about apparitions, unexplained sounds, and any abnormal activity in their home or workplace. We do not hold séances or perform exorcisms.

With the equipment we have available to us these days, such as, highly sensitive digital recorders that captures sounds we may not hear and also night vision and full spectrum cameras that detect things we may not see, Paranormal investigators around the world are helping people get closer to  the questions we ask about life after death.

Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures have captured recordings that seem to be voices of children calling for help. How heartbreaking to think of lost souls crying for help, especially a child’s and no one to help.

If you feel like you have uninvited “guests” in your house, mansion or castle, you are not alone. Since all “bumps in the night” don’t happen in the night, we are available to investigate when you have the most activity. That could be anytime, even in the day. We do this to help shine a light on those age old questions about this life and beyond. Will we ever know where this one ends and the other begins……Let’s try and find out.